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April 26 2014


Create Realistic Buildings Using 3D Architectural Renderings Programs

Have you heard about 3D architectural rendering software tools? It includes a combination of software programs that create image models in 3-dimensional format for development projects like realistic buildings. 3D architectural renderings are easier ways to convince a targeted clientele whether it is residential or commercial project. Individuals will want to view a real image of their home or office before construction starts, and using architectural renderings tools you can impress clients by giving them a 3D image of the construction process along with the site and location designs.

3D imaging technology is the talk of the architect’s town and there are many software programs launched to help architects show a realistic image of the building that can answer to client’s needs. Here we discuss about a few renowned 3D architectural rendering software programs to be chosen according to architects preferences and requirements.


Vista has been developed by Sierra Soft that provides a lot of 3D architectural renderings options as well as other functions such as adding textures and developing customized textures. 

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup is the most renowned and simplest 3D software program that is easy to understand and use. Basic things can be performed with this tool such as giving colors and texture on the sketches. You can also move around the design just like a person is physically looking at the design. This program is developed with a Pro version to allowing users to work along with other programs such as PDF and AutoCad and other architectural rendering programs.

Chief Architect Premier

This program has been developed to create designs for both commercial and residential projects. It is equipped with features like using water colors and drafting lines. Users can also fetch images and materials that they collected from other sites to craft the design more unique and personal. ‘Glass House’ is an added feature within this software allowing users to create a clear visualization of the project. 


Revit has been developed by Autodesk and is very useful for architects and architectural students for creating realistic buildings in the computer screen. This is a fully functional program allowing users to make a 3D visualization of the project and make changes at once when client demands.

Things to consider when choosing the best 3D program
An architect will want to consider a few important things when choosing the best 3D architectural renderings software program.

Some of the important things include;

•    Compatibility with other software tools
•    Cost of purchase
•    Function of the program
•    Training involved

To conclude, there are many online classes providing information on how a 3D Architectural Rendering Program works and what features does the program hold and also provides you with training that enables you to use the program effectively. Search online for such classes to choose the best 3D architectural renderings program as well as to learn how to use the tool effectively.

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